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  • The MIT Group takes pride in living up to its motto "Harness the knowledge of science and technology for the welfare of the society." With the same enthusiasm we create the future entrepreneurs with profound innovation skills with the help of science and technology. Todays industry needs constant innovation and the state of society demands employment. Fulfilling these two, MIT has sprouted a strategy wherein both the concerns are resolved with the help of a structure that encourages our engineers to create and have their creations reach their target audience. The electronics industry is mainly driven by customers and the escalation in demand for such goods is immense. Electronics being the present and the future of this society, the rapid consumption is evident as consumers and countries today have a high standard of living.

    Under these solution our focus is to reduce the energy consumption by increasing the use of renewable and sustainable energy source. We provide innovative solution in Solar Power generation plant, Solar Water heater, Energy efficient lighting equipment and Heat Pump. Our team of expertise have experience in executing high efficient energy conserving projects for various campuses. Renewable resources are cost efficient and reliable solutions over the conventional energy generator. Having LED based equipment reduce the cost and carbon emulsion giving the better performance over the conventional lighting solutions. We also have experience of installation of 6WM of solar power generation plant at our own 12 campuses. 
    Scope of Solution : 
    1) Experts in renewable energy.
    2)  Energy Audits. 
    3)  Energy managements.
    4)  Solutions to reduce electricity bills based on the proven technology. 
    5) Multiple innovative energy solutions. Reliable, cost efficient, qualitative Smart Power, Lights and security monitoring and analysis provider.

    Smart Utility Management is an initiative that is a part of smart city and campus for the betterment of nation. The purpose of it is to monitor, analyse and control campus utility for optimum utilization of resources. It is practical implementation of IoT(Internet of Things) & M2M solution through the centrally monitoring system. The Internet of Things is an environment through which all the measurement parameters are uploaded on the cloud space and through which we can access the data from any part of world. We have experience & expertise In this solution in our cam pus &associated star hip companies.
    Scope of Solution:
    1)Electrical Parameter Status Monitoring /Management.
    2)Environmental Parameter monitoring (02,Co2 in campus).
    3)Population present in campus.
    4)Gas Leakage detections in campus.
    5)Campus Waters to k monitoring index.
    6)Automatic control of electrical/electronic devices.
    7)Solutions, end to end performance management system.
    8)Smart incident detection system for better campus security.

    Understanding the fact that most of startups & small scale industry are unable to catch up expected growth rate due to lack of business knowledge. MIT PUNE TBI through its expert and mentor team shall be supporting the startup and small scale industry. We provide proven mentoring services with our domain experts with their best of the knowledge. We provide you the wings of Intellectual Property Protection, Business Plan Formulation, Business Formation, Company Formation, Financing, Market Research and Innovative product designing.
    Scope of Solution:
    1) Expert advice from legal mentor. 
    2) Constancy from Chartered Accountant over budget, taxation, debt planning, equity planning and investment. 
    3)  Strategic and rel iable solutions for business planning,financial planning, market survey. 
    4) Protection over IPs, patents, copyrights and design registration.
    5) Network development strategies. 
    6) A sales and service mentor helot reach potential customer, sales promotions and digital marketing

    A brand is not a logo, a  promise. MAEERs Group of Institution has grown not only in technology but also dwell in the area of Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Innovating designing, Naval, Business administration and Telecommunication. It has groomed the experts who are spread all over the world. We have researchers, mentors, domain experts, investors, incubation facilities, Administration and experienced skilled manpower. We are ready to provide the above assets for you special assignments.
    Scope of Solution:
    1)Ph.D. Faculties from !Ms with 2CH-yrs. of experience in their respective research area.
    2)Operational, fully functional and well equipped chemical laboratories.
    3)Support  facilities: Fab Labs, makers space ,CAD Labs and prototyping facilities.
    4)100+ experts skilled manpower.
    5)Guidance for Investors.
    6)Reference and Recommendation of companies.